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Receiving Parts via the Parts List
Receiving Parts via the Parts List

What parts do I need?

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There's no point in going to an appointment if you don't have the right parts. The Parts List lets you know what parts you need for that day and the supplier that shipped or has them.

Just after the part number you will see the code for the supplier (Mygrant, Pilkington, Manual, etc.) and then the delivery method (Will Call vs. Delivery).  Beneath that in smaller text is the Job number and Purchase Order Number. Any special delivery notes will be listed under those. The column on the far right represents the number of that item that you are receiving (it automatically will populate to the number that were ordered). If this needs to be changed, please do so.

If there are parts on your list that you are not receiving, be sure to un-check the box before clicking "Receive Selected Parts."


If you need to take pictures of parts for whatever reason (capture shipping code, damage, etc.) you can do so by clicking the camera button. That will open a list of the parts you are to receive that day, and you can take or upload a picture for each specific part.

If you want to change the picture you've tied to a part, you can always delete it afterward.

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