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Omega EDI can be configured to receive dispatches from the following providers:

  • Lynx Services (Glaxis)

  • Gerber National Claims Services

Linking Dispatches

When a dispatch is received, the system will link the dispatch to the appropriate job in the system.  If no matching job can be found the system will create a linked job automatically.  Linked jobs can be identified by the blue link icon next to the authorization number field.

Viewing Dispatches

When creating a job from a dispatch the system will pre-populate as much information as is available on the dispatch.  Some information, such as pricing or dispatch notes, can only be viewed on the original dispatch.  To view a dispatch, simply click the blue link icon next to the authorization number.  

Assigning PIDs
When a dispatch is received, the system must first locate the appropriate company profile.  It does so by referencing the PID number configured in your billing profile.   Company profiles are managed via Admin > Company Profile > EDI Setup.  In order to receive dispatches your PID number must be correctly configured.

Since a PID identifies a unique entity in the TPA's system, If you have multiple PIDs, you will need to create a billing profile for each PID that has been issued to you. 

Enabling Automatic Account Assignment

When a dispatch is received, the system will attempt to locate the corresponding account.  The insurance account must be assigned a corresponding Insurer ID in order for the account to be automatically attached to a dispatch.  You can locate an insurance company's Insurer ID on a dispatch or by contacting the dispatch provider.  

The Insurer ID is assigned via Admin > Accounts > Basic Setup.  This option is currently only available for GNCS and Lynx accounts.  

When the system is unable to identify the appropriate account the dispatch will be assigned to the 'CASH' account and must be manually selected by the user before invoicing.  

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