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Configuring Items
Configuring Items

Setting up custom items, windshield repair pricing, coupouns, waived deductibles, and other sale items

Written by Josh Schwermer
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Adding and Modifying Items

Navigate to Admin > Items to view the list of custom items.  The definition of each field is as follows:

SKU: This is the inventory unit that will be used.  It will also be transmitted on any EDI invoice or printed on a printable invoice.
Description: Will appear on both EDI and regular invoices under the 'part description' line
Price: The price each for the item.  Please note this value may be overwritten by a user with ah appropriate security level.  To create a coupon, this value should be negative.
Minimum Price (optional): The minimum price that can be charged for the item.
Maximum Price (optional):
The maximum price that can be charged for the item.  
Default Price (optional): The default price that will be used if min/max pricing is set.
Default Cost: The amount that will be used for margin and COGS calculations on reports when the custom item is used.
Cost Category: The category the cost will be recognized in.  Also used to determine appropriate tax type for part, labor, and freight items.
Type: Currently not used

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