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EDI Warnings and Errors
EDI Warnings and Errors

Pre-flight warnings and errors indicate potential issues with EDI invoices

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

When preparing to send an invoice the system will automatically perform a number of validations.  There are two types of validations that can occur - warnings and errors.


Warnings are denoted by an orange exclamation triangle.

You can still submit invoices with warnings but it is likely that they will be rejected.


Errors are denoted by a red exclamation mark.  

These are issues that will certainly result in a rejected EDI invoice.  Invoices with errors can not be submitted.  

For example, if a Lynx invoice does not contain a valid 9 digit dispatch number the system will indicate an error and the invoice will not successfully submit.  No EDI will be transmitted to Lynx until the error is resolved.


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