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Rescheduling an Appointment
Rescheduling an Appointment

Reschedule an appointment for a different date after it has already been scheduled

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If it is necessary to change the requested or scheduled date on an appointment you can use the reschedule flow to modify the originally set date/time.

To reschedule an appointment, first locate the appointment from either within the job or scheduler.  

From the Job view:

From the Schedule view:

During reschedule you will see the capacity summary for the servicing location as well as the current service address and appointment type.  You can select the new requested date/time at this point.  If an actual scheduled time was set it will be automatically cleared.

Be sure to select the reason for reschedule and save the job after completing the reschedule. After completing a reschedule, the old appointment will be closed and the reschedule history and reasons can be viewed from within the job. You can also report on your reschedule performance using the "Reschedules" report.

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