Sometimes you'll need to use a different MagTek reader than the one you started with. First, you'll want to make sure the new reader is paired to your phone via Bluetooth. 

Next you'll want to log in to the Omega App and tap the menu button at the top left of the screen. Then tap the "Settings" button

Tap the menu that says "Connect New Card Reader" to expand it. 

Once expanded, tap the box under "Select Device"

This will pull up a menu of all the Bluetooth devices that are currently paired to your phone. Look for one that says eDyanmo and the serial number of the reader that you want to start using. If you haven't un-paired the previous reader, there will be multiple "eDynamo" devices on the list. Be sure to select the one whose serial number matches the one you want to be using.

After selecting the correct eDynamo device, be sure to hit the blue "CONNECT" button once back on the menu page. You should then see a message near the bottom of the screen that says Connecting. 

Upon successfully connecting to the new reader, and saving that information in the Omega App, you will see a confirmation message window saying "New Card Reader Saved." At this point you'll be good to go!  

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