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Updating Attached Dispatches
Updating Attached Dispatches

How linked dispatches are updated depends on if they are from Lynx, GNCS, or SGC

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

If dispatch information is updated after the original dispatch is received by Omega you may need to link a new, updated dispatch in order for EDI validations to pass.  The method for doing this depends on the sender of the dispatch.


GNCS dispatches must be re-transmitted by GNCS.  Please contact GNCS and request to have a dispatch resent if the information has been updated.  The new dispatch will automatically replace the old one as long as the job in Omega has the same claim ID and is less than 90 days old.  


SGC dispatches (referrals) are pulled from  If information has been updated since the initial pull it may be necessary to refresh the referral from within the dispatch view.  It may take up to 30 seconds for the new information to appear.


Lynx dispatches must be re-transmitted in order for the information to update in Omega.  You can request a dispatch be re-transmitted by contacting Lynx or by visiting  The updated dispatch will automatically attach as long as the dispatch numbers match and the job in Omega is less than 90 days old.  

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