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Configuring Electronic Ordering
Configuring Electronic Ordering

Electronic ordering from Mygrant, PGW, and Pilkington

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

Vendor ordering is configured for each location in your system.   To configure each vendor, navigate to Admin > Locations.  Select the location you wish to enable ordering for, then navigate to the "Advanced" tab.


Mygrant requires a username, password, and your Mygrant customer number.  This information is the same as you use to log in to  You can find your customer number after logging in or by contacting Mygrant directly.


PGW only requires a Ship To ID.  

Electronic ordering must be enabled by PGW for your Ship To ID.   Please contact PGW to obtain your Ship To ID and to request that electronic ordering is enabled.


Pilkington requires you to specify your ship to ID and servicing warehouse in addition to your online username and password. 

Please contact Pilkington directly for your Ship To ID.

Import Glass Corp (IGC)

Import Glass will require an IGC ePOS ID and IGC ePOS Password, which are provided by Import Glass.

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