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Creating Refunds
Creating Refunds

Create a full or partial refund against a previous payment

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

Refunds can be processed against both online and offline payment types. To create a refund, first locate the original payment via the "Payments" screen accessible from the left-hand menu.

You can search for the original transaction by job number or payment reference number

Once you have located the payment you wish to refund, click the right-hand menu to expand the options. The different types of refunds are explained below.

Process Refund

Note: This option is only available for online credit card transactions. Your payment processor may have rules around which transactions can be refunded. Please contact your payment processor for details.

"Process Refund" will perform an online refund which returns funds to the customer's original payment method.

Record External Refund

External refunds are issued outside of Omega. For example, you may issue your customer a check or cash.

After selecting the refund type, enter the amount you wish to refund, up to the original payment amount, and click "Save" to create the refund. The invoice and customer statements will be automatically updated to reflect the refunded amount.

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