Set reminders to be notified when it is time to follow up on a job, appointment, or other task

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You can set reminders to be notified at a future date and time with a custom note and referencing a specific job. Reminders can be set for leads, quotes, work orders, and invoices and can be used to help manage workflows in a variety of scenarios. For example. you can set reminders to:

  • Follow up with a customer at a specific time

  • Confirm an OEM or special order part has arrived the day before an appointment

  • Make an additional contact attempt with a lead

  • Submit a POP or other coverage-related authorizations

Setting Reminders

Any user can set a reminder from three areas:

Jobs Screen

Click on the arrow to expand a job's details and then select "Set Reminder".


From the schedule list view, select the "More" menu on the right-hand side of an appointment and select "Set Reminder"

Job Edit Screen

Navigate to the bottom of the Job Edit screen and select the "Set Reminder" button

After selecting the option to create a reminder from any of the locations above you will be prompted to select a date/time and reminder. The reminder is specific to the job it is created from and will include that context when it is triggered.

In the above example, the user will be reminded at 8:00 AM on July 17th

Viewing Reminders

Users are automatically notified at the date/time of the reminder. Unread reminders appear in the notifications area in the top bar.

Simply click the notifications icon to view reminders. Reminders appear with the note you entered when creating the reminder as well as the job number the number is in reference to. You can mark a reminder as read by either selecting the "Dismiss" button or by clicking on the job number. Clicking the job number will navigate you into that job so you can view the job's details and make edits as appropriate.


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