Omega EDI supports all major Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) protocols used by major insurance carriers, as well as fax and e-mail transmission for invoices. When an invoice is transmitted for the first time, the job status is automatically set to "Invoice" and the sale is recorded for financial purposes. It is a best practice to invoice jobs immediately upon completion.

Configuring Accounts

In order to transmit an invoice you must first specify how an account should receive their invoices. When creating an account, select an appropriate invoice method for that account. You will be prompted for additional information as appropriate depending on the invoice method you select.

Invoices for this account will be transmitted according to the invoice method you select during this step.

Invoice Methods

Below is a summary of different invoice methods supported by Omega EDI when configuring an account:

Lynx (EDI)

Invoices will be transmitted to Lynx via EDI. Typically invoices are acknowledged immediately and processed within 2 business days. Lynx participant retailers may provide an optional Lynx Insurer ID to enable eFNOL for specific accounts.

Safelite (EDI)

Invoices will be transmitted to Safelite via EDI. Invoices are typically processed by Safelite within 2 weeks. You must provide the insurer's Program ID (PID) during setup or your invoices will be automatically rejected by Safelite.


Invoices will be transmitted to GNCS via EDI. Invoices are typically processed within 15 minutes. No additional configuration is necessary for the account.


Invoices will be transmitted via e-mail as a PDF attachment. Omega EDI will automatically mark the invoice as accepted upon successful delivery to the destination, typically within 30 minutes. You must provide the destination e-mail or emails.

Multiple comma-separate e-mail addresses can be entered in the "E-mail" field.


Invoices will be transmitted via fax to the specified fax number. Omega EDI will automatically mark the invoice as accepted upon successful transmission of the fax.


Omega ED will not automatically transmit an invoice if this method is selected; it is up to you to print or otherwise manually send invoices to these customers.

Sending Invoices

When you are ready to transmit an invoice, simply select the job using the checkbox on the left-hand side of the screen and select "Invoice". You can select up to 25 jobs at a time to be invoiced.

You will be prompted with a summary before the invoice is transmitted detailing the job, the account which will be billed, the invoice method, and the destination (if applicable).

Additionally, any EDI warnings or errors will be displayed at this step. One you select "Yes", all invoices you have selected will be transmitted and their status will automatically update.

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