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Using Electronic First Notice of Loss (eFNOL)
Using Electronic First Notice of Loss (eFNOL)

Use eFNOL/ClaimLaunch to initiate claims on behalf of a policyholder without making a phone call

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

Certain insurers allow approved shops to submit claims on behalf of their policyholders electronically, eliminating the need for an authorization phone call.

Configuring Accounts for eFNOL

First, verify you are enrolled with the insurer's eFNOL program. Not all insurers support eFNOL. For more information about enrolling in these programs, please contact the insurer directly.

Second, your shop must be configured to EDI with the insurance company.

Finally, you must enter the correct Insurer ID under the account's profile

Submitting Claims

  1. Create a quote containing the policyholder's details and the part(s) you intend to use

  2. Navigate to "Jobs"

  3. Expand the job row using the arrow to the right

  4. Select eFNOL and verify the information with the policyholder before submitting the claim. If any information does not match the insurer's system the claim will not be automatically approved; pay particular attention to the policy number and VIN fields.

Note: If the eFNOL option is not present, verify you have entered a valid Insurer ID in the insurer's account profile.

Viewing Claim Status

Once a claim is submitted, you can view status updates in the "Job Autobiography" from within the job. Once a claim has been successfully processed, the insurer will send a dispatch containing details of work authorized. If a claim is not successful, you will receive a reference number and additional details about the cause of the failure.

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