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Returning and Voiding Purchase Orders
Returning and Voiding Purchase Orders

When and how do I return a Purchase Order? What about voiding?

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Customers cancel appointments. Sometimes you order the wrong part, or find a better deal with a different provider. Whatever the reason, it's not uncommon that you'll want to either return parts or cancel an order. We've updated the flow to help you perform the correct action.

Voiding a Purchase Order

If you have made a purchase order, have not yet received any parts from it, and have cancelled with the provider, then you will want to Void the purchase order in Omega. This resets the job to un-sourced, and will remove those parts from the "Awaiting" tab. There are two ways to do this:

  1. From the primary Purchase Orders page

    You'll notice at the far right of each Purchase Order is a small menu icon of three dots. Clicking this will expand to your options. If no parts have been received then your only available option is to Void.

  2. From within the individual Purchase Order page

    From within the individual Purchase Order page, if no parts have been received then a "Void Order" button will be visible. If parts have been received, then it will read "Return Parts" and take you through that process.

Both options will present a reminder that while you may order from providers within Omega, cancelling orders must be done through them directly via their provided methods (online, over phone, etc.).

Returning a Purchase Order

If you have received any parts on a Purchase Order, then you will need to make a return in Omega to keep Inventory accurate as well as Job Sourcing progress. In addition to the above two methods listed in Voiding, you can also return parts from the Parts screen under the Received tab.

Any of these methods will take you to a page to make a Return, which will look very much like the Purchase Order form. Everything here will pre-populate with the correct information, though you can adjust the number you are returning. If you want the parts immediately taken out of inventory, click the checkbox to "Mark Return Complete."

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