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Quickbooks Online Errors

Why transactions aren't importing

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Sometimes there are hiccups and certain transactions (payments, invoiced jobs) are unable to import into Quickbooks Online. Here are some of the most common errors you'll see in importing, and what they mean.

Problem in Payment.Line.LinkedTxn.TxnId: TxnID Cannot Be Linked

This error can happen for a few reasons. One is that the Invoice this payment is trying to be applied against no longer exists in QBO. Another is that the Account listed on the Invoice changed between when it was imported into QBO and the payment was made. QBO requires the Customer (Account in Omega) for an Invoice and a Payment made against it to be the same.

Invoice [number] not imported to QB yet

Invoices don't import into QBO until they have been Invoiced in Omega. Chances are the job is still listed as a Work Order or a Quote.

Error creating Customer from Account [number] : The name supplied already exists

One limitation of QBO is that there cannot be two entities with the same name, regardless of type. Sometimes you'll have a vendor in QBO under the same name that you have as an Account in Omega. In these cases you'll want to find the Account tied to this Invoice, and change the name of the Account. This can be as simple as changing "Geico" to "Geico**" or "Geico - Customer."

Problem in : Duplicate Document Number Error

This means that QBO already has an Invoice or Payment with that exact name. Chances are someone has manually entered invoices into QBO with these numbers and unless they are deleted from QBO, cannot be imported.

Problem in : Business Validation Error: You must set a transaction amount // You must specify a transaction amount that is 0 or greater.

This applies to Payments or Invoices where the amount is 0.00. QBO requires that payments and Invoices have nonzero amounts.

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