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How to Use Payment Links
How to Use Payment Links

How to generate links to payment pages

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Payment links are an easy way to receive credit card payments for jobs in Omega.

Note: Payment links are only available using payment methods (type credit_authnet)

What Does a Payment Link Do?

When a payment link is clicked, it takes the user to a webpage where the user can make a payment for a particular job. Here is a sample payment page to which a payment link could send people:

The billing information is pre-populated with the customer's name and address from the job in Omega, but can be changed.

Generating Payment Links

1a) Open Omega, go to the Admin menu, and select Account Settings.

1b) Find the Payment Link Method field and select the payment method you would like to be used for payments made through your payment links. Only your active payment methods of type credit_authnet will be selectable.

2) The link itself is generated using the PaymentLink template variable in an email/SMS Template (learn more about template variables). Just put {{PaymentLink}} wherever you would like the link to appear.

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