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Setting a Custom Reply-To Email
Setting a Custom Reply-To Email

Set a custom email address for outbound emails so that you will receive replies to emails sent from Omega

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

To set a custom reply-to address, navigate to Admin > Account Settings.

You can set any email address you control as the email reply-to. Emails sent from Omega will indicate this as the return-path in the email header. However, note that emails may not be delivered as reliably when using a custom reply-to; see the below note for more information.

A Note on Spam

Some email providers use anti-spam measures, specially SPF records, designed to prevent email spoofing. Depending on the email provider's SPF settings for the domain you choose as your custom reply-to messages may be delivered to the recipient's spam folder. If you experience email deliverability problems with a custom reply-to address, please contact your email provider to request SPF records be updated to allow messages to be sent from third party applications. Note that Omega can not update these records for you, nor can we provide specific instructions.

Enterprise customers using a custom domain for their reply-to email address may add SPF records to their DNS configuration to authenticate messages sent via Omega. Please contact support for more details.

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