Each Omega account is provisioned a special email address which you can use to upload attachments to any job. Your special will be subdomain@attachments.omegaedi.com where subdomain is your subdomain you selected during account creation.

In order for the system to locate the correct job the email's subject line must include either the job number or VIN. If both a VIN and job number are present in the email's subject, the job number will take precedence. The system will ignore spaces, special characters, and other extraneous information when searching for a job number of VIN in the email subject.

For example, if your subdomain is 'bobsglass', you can send an email with the subject "Pictures for job #10055" to bobsglass@attachments.omegaedi.com and any attachments from the email will be automatically attached to job #10055. An appropriate note will be made alongside the attachment to denote it was uploaded via email.

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