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American Glass Distributors Integration Setup
American Glass Distributors Integration Setup

How to sign up with American Glass Distributors (AGD) and set up Omega's AGD integration

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Ready to set up Omega's American Glass Distributors (AGD) integration?

Let's go!

You'll need an AGD account

1a) Go to the AGD website -

1b) If you don't already have an AGD account, sign up by clicking here

and following the instructions given by their website.

You'll need an API key

2a) Login to your AGD account on the AGD website, and open your account settings

This takes you to the settings page. If you haven't already generated an API key, you’ll see a “Generate Your API Key” button

2b) Click that button with the confidence of an olympic ski jumper. A pop-up will appear asking you to re-enter your AGD website password

Graciously oblige (enter your password and click VERIFY)

2c) A shiny new API will then be generated just for you and displayed in all its glory

Copy this key, because you'll need it in a minute

Using the API key

3a) Inside of Omega, open the Admin menu and click Locations. Select the location you would like to enable the AGD integration for, and click the Vendors tab

3b) Enable the American Glass integration by clicking on American, then paste your API key that you copied from the AGD website

3c) Don't forget to save your changes. Only enabled vendors will show up when you are ordering parts

All done! You will need to create a separate American Glass Distributors account and generate a separate API key for each location that you want to integrate with AGD

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