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Managing On Hold Appointments
Managing On Hold Appointments

Appointments can be placed on hold when you are unable to provide a scheduling commitment to your customer

Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes you can not provide a customer with a scheduling commitment; for example, you may be waiting for delivery of a backordered part, or you may be unable to schedule an appointment due to inclement weather.

When an appointment is placed on hold, it will appear in a special tab on your "Schedule" screen and will not consume capacity.


To place appointments on hold, you must first configure the reason code(s) you wish to use. To configure your hold reasons, navigate to Admin > Account Settings > Reason Codes and locate the section titled "Appointment Hold Reasons".

Placing Appointments On Hold

To place an appointment on hold, select "Hold" from the right-hand menu next to the relevant appointment.

After placing the appointment on hold you will be prompted to select a reason code. The appointment will remain on hold until it is scheduled.

Note: You are unable to put an appointment on hold once it has been scheduled. Instead, first "Reschedule" the scheduled appointment and then "Hold" the new appointment. This was a record of the change will be automatically created.

Taking Appointments Off Hold

When you are ready to schedule an appointment which was placed on hold, select "Unhold" from the menu to the right of the relevant appointment.

After taking an appointment off hold it must be scheduled.

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