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How To Set Up Omega's Integration
How To Set Up Omega's Integration

Integrate with to receive leads in Omega

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Setting Omega's integration is simple. Let's begin!

Sign up with

1a) In Omega, open the Admin dropdown and click Account Settings, then select the Integrations tab

1b) Click the REGISTER button on the line that says, and accept the terms referenced in the window that pops up

A signup link will be generated, and you should see it appear followed by a dropdown menu.

1c) Click the link, which will take you to's signup page with some of your information filled in for you. Complete the signup form.

If you already have an account with, you may need to email them and give them the signup link that Omega generated for you so they can connect your existing account

Choose a default campaign for leads from (optional)

2) You can use the dropdown menu mentioned in step 1b (the one that says Default Campaign for Leads) to select a campaign that will be assigned to all leads sent to you by

How will I know when I get a new lead?

When you get a lead from, it will show up as a new Job with the Lead status, which may be abbreviated to LE.

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