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Creating A Repair or Labor Only Work Order
Creating A Repair or Labor Only Work Order

How to Create a Rapid Windshield Repair or Labor Only Work Order

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The following article is a step-by-step instruction on how to create a rapid work order for repair only or labor only services.

  1. Select New Job from the Main Menu

  2. Comple the Sales Information Section

    1. CSR - Whoever created the Job (This will automatically populate)

    2. Technician - (Repair Only Version)

    3. Dispatcher - (Standard Version)

    4. Salesperson

    5. Locations - Use the Drop Down Menu to Select the location or search locations by Zip Code. Note: If you only have one location this information will automatically populate.

  3. Complete the Billing & Pricing Section

    1. Account - Select the account associate to the job (i.e. Insurance Company, Dealership, Fleet Account, etc). To do so begin typing the name of the account in the field to populate the account, then select the account. Note: This field will default to your Cash Customer/Self Pay Option unless you has otherwise indicated in your Locations Settings.

  4. Add Vehicle Information - Note: VIN will auto populate the Year Make & Model of the Vehicle

  5. Add Items

    1. Use the items dropdown box to select the items you want to add to the job or you begin typing the name of the items it will populate the matching items which can be selected.

    2. Select Add Item to Add the Items to the Invoice

  6. Capture Customer Signature (If Required)

  7. Save Job

  8. Record Payment

    1. From the Jobs Screen select the Pay bubble for the desired Job

    2. Select Payment Method

    3. Confirm Amount of Payment

    4. Click Submit

  9. Invoice Job

    1. Select the Check Box to the left of the desire job/jobs to be invoiced

    2. Select the Invoice option from the Jobs Screen

    3. Confirm Invoice Submission

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