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Resetting User Passwords as Administrator
Resetting User Passwords as Administrator

How-to reset a user's password as an Admin.

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

How to Reset a User’s Password as an Admin

When a user is unable to reset a password, an Admin may be required to do so. This article will have the information on how to reset a password for a user when they are unable to do so themselves.

First, login with the "admin" account.

From the main page, scroll down to the “Admin” section and click the drop down arrow. This will open a list of options, select the option “Users”.

On this page, select the user you need to assist in the password reset process. If needed, the search bar at the top can help you easily find this user.

Once the user’s page has been opened, there will be an option right under their user name labeled “Reset Password”. You will then have the option to manually reset their password. Users will have the ability to update their password again when they login to their own account.

We hope this article has been helpful in aiding you in resetting user passwords as an admin.

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