Why It Happens

Some companies (most notably Samsung) that make mobile devices include features that are meant to optimize memory and battery usage. They do this different ways, but often it is by terminating apps that are running in the background.

The Omega Technician App uses your device's native camera app to take pictures, and while the camera app is open, our app is in the background waiting to resume and save the photo. Sometimes our app gets killed before it can resume.

How to Fix It

Step 1: Update Omega Technician App to version 0.8.62 or higher.

This update makes the app less likely to get terminated while taking a photo and makes the app recover gracefully if it does . You will be brought back to where you were in the app as though nothing had happened, and your photo will save properly.

Step 2: Celebrate!

How to Improve Performance

If this update solves your photo-saving problem but you still see restarts, there is a solution. Ironically, to improve performance of the app you'll have tell your device to stop trying to optimize it.

Open your device's settings and disable any battery or memory optimizations for Omega Technician App.

Here is a link to a tutorial

Your menus may differ slightly depending on your device model and Android version, but this should help.

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