Payment Batches

How to input Payment Batches manually or by CSV

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Payment Batches

Payment batches allow you to apply a payment split to multiple invoices in bulk. This article describes how to create and manage payment batches.

To view your payment batches, navigate to Admin. Payment Batches. To create a new payment batch, click the (+) icon at the bottom of the screen.

From here enter in the Payment Reference number, this can be a transaction or check number. You’ll also want to select the Payment method that was used for the payment.

After entering in this information select the blue button with the + in the middle of it. This will repopulate 5 fields to input the invoice number, the reference number will normally fill in automatically. You’ll also see that the invoice amount will populate when the invoice number is input.

For large or more complicated payment batches it may be advantageous to create and manage the rules in a tool such as Microsoft Excel. To Import these files they must include the following:

  1. Headers labeled at the top for individual fields those headers being: invoice #, paid, reference

  • invoice #: the invoice number that an amount of the payment is applied to

  • paid: the amount that is being applied to the invoice number

  • reference: the check number, payment id, or transaction number

An example CSV can be downloaded here

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