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Deactivating Users
Deactivating Users

How to deactivate users and make them no longer have access to Omega

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

At times there are reasons that you'll need to deactivate a user from Omega. We won't go into the specifics of those reasons here, but when that occurs, you usually don't want them to be able to access Omega and make changes. This article will go over the steps to deactivate the user.

To start you'll want to navigate to the users page under admin

From here you'll want to select the user that you're wanting to deactivate. This will load all their information that was input when they were added.

Once you're in the users information in the top right are 3 dots also know as the "Actions menu". You'll want to click on that. This will open a menu with the option "Deactivate"

Once you have selected that option the user will no longer be able to access Omega and will be listed as "inactive". As this stands as a deactivated user no further charge would occur for them.

***For reference this does not delete the user from Omega's history. This is primarily for archival purposes to allow you to see any previous history the user has done within Omega***

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