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How to Assign a Parent Item
How to Assign a Parent Item

Assigning Parent Items to Child Items

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

How to assign a parent item

Some items require a Parent item in order for an invoice to be accepted. This article will give you the steps and know-how to assign a parent item for an item that requires one.

To start you’ll want to go into the job and navigate to the Invoice Items section, locating the part you need to assign. From here you’ll want to select the blue icon shown here:

This will open a menu with several options. You’ll want to click the drop down on the Parent SKU field, and change that to the Glass item, as shown here:

Once that is entered, you’ll want to hit the Done option, which will assign the part to be the “Child” of the Parent Part. After confirming completion, you will be able to save and invoice the job going forward!

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