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What Is Automatic Invoicing and How Do I Use It?
What Is Automatic Invoicing and How Do I Use It?

You can make it so jobs assigned to certain accounts will be invoiced automatically when the appointment is completed

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What is Automatic Invoicing?

Tired of manually invoicing each job that is completed? No worries! There is a setting for your accounts called Automatic Invoicing

Enabling Automatic Invoicing makes it so any job connected to that account will be invoiced automatically if the last open appointment on that job is completed, as long as there is no balance due for the customer.

How Do I Use It?

Step 1

Open the Admin menu and select Accounts, then open the account for which you wish to enable Automatic Invoicing.

Step 2

Select the Advanced tab, and check the box next to Automatic Invoicing

Don't forget to save!

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