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Setting up Sales Tax
Setting up Sales Tax

How to set up Default Sales Tax

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

Taxes. One of the only things that’s guaranteed in life. Setting up Sales tax is important to ensure that you have the proper information applying to your invoices. In this article we’ll go over the steps on how to set the sales tax up!

First, you’ll want to go to the locations page under the admin section:

Second, you’ll want to select your location:

Third, you’ll want to select the Sales Tax tab:

On this page you’ll want to enter in the default rate for parts and labor. If they’re the same you can match them, but if not you can enter in different rates.

Not all zip codes have the same tax rate however, so for those you’ll need to add additional zip codes to the box in the bottom left corner. The yellow circle will create a field for zip codes to be input, with two boxes for Parts and Labor rates. You can also drag and drop or click in the box at the bottom and upload a .CSV file to Omega to automatically import those in.

Once you’ve entered in your sales tax rates hit the save button at the bottom and that’s all done for you! We hope this article has been helpful!

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