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Inventory Stocktake
Inventory Stocktake

Basic instructions on how to do an inventory stocktake

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  • To perform a Stocktake you will first navigate to the Stocktake page by selecting the arrow on the right of the Parts option and selecting Stocktake in the options that appear.

  • There will now be a yellow circle with a plus in it that will open the new stocktake form.

  • When you begin your stocktake you will see fields for Reference, Location, and Item Search. A list of all the items currently listed in inventory for the selected location will populate. You will also have the option for Configure Scanner which will have the necessary barcodes for setting up your scanner. More information on that can be found here.

  • You can add additional items in the Item Search and selecting the part from the dropdown that appears.

    • If you're using the scanner, scan the item to automatically populate the item into the Stocktake.

  • You will enter the amount of items counted in the "Counted" column. This will automatically update the Difference column.

    • If you're using the scanner, scan the item and the count field will automatically update.

  • After completing your stocktake select the Save and Apply option. If the stocktake is not complete and needs to be saved for later, select the Save Draft option.

Additional Points:

  • You can Set Items not Listed on the Stocktake to "0" by selecting the checkbox before saving

  • You can download a Printable version of the Stocktake List to perform your physical count and reenter it at a later time in Omega.

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