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Inventory Basics
Inventory Basics

A guide and summary of the basic functionality of inventory in Omega

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  • To locate your inventory select Parts on the Main Menu

  • Select Inventory

  • Select your desired Location

  • After selecting your location a list of your current inventory will be displayed

In the example above you will notice column headers indicating quantities for specific SKUs or Items listed on the left. The are defined as follows

  • On Hand - Indicates the number of parts physically present in the location. The On Hand quantity increases as parts are received or manually added to inventory. The On Hand quantity reduces when parts are used or manually removed from inventory.

  • Committed - The number jobs where the SKU or Item is required.

  • Available - The difference between the On Hand quantity and Committed quantity. This indicates the number of parts On Hand that are currently not committed to another job. *Note: Sometimes a negative quantity will appear in this column, this does not indicate that parts need to be ordered. It is possible that parts have already been and not received yet

You can perform additional actions related to specific SKUs or Items by selecting the "Three Dots" to the right of the row:

This will produce the following actions:

The following is a summary of the function of each of these actions:

  • Properties: Allows a user to set a Part Location within the physical location and set a Minimum Quantity On Hand level.

  • Reconcile: Allows a user to manually increase or decrease inventory levels for specific SKUs or Items

  • Transfer: Allows a user to manually record a transfer of parts between locations if the account has more than one location

  • Adjust Cost: Allows a user to manually adjust the inventory value of the specific SKU or Item

  • Inventory Log Report: An event by event record of all activity related to the specific SKU or Item

Additional Notes:

  • You can search specific SKUs or Items by using the search bar located above the list of parts

  • You can also use the Stocktake function to perform bulk adjustments to inventory within a location - For more information on how to perform a Stocktake refer to the "Inventory Stocktake" article.

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