Pricing profiles can be managed from the "Pricing Profiles" administrative menu item.

Once you navigate to "Pricing Profiles" you will be shown a list of all pricing profiles

You can search using the "Search" box at the top of the screen.
To perform an action on a pricing profile click the Actions menu on the right of the screen.

There are a number of options available in the actions menu:

Editing Pricing Profiles

Select edit from the actions menu.

Pricing rules can be added, modified, or removed from the pricing profile.  Large pricing profiles can be searched using the search box at the right side of the screen.

Pricing Rule Types

There are three types of pricing rules:

  • Discount: Pricing will be calculated as a percentage discount off of the NAGS list price.  Example: 60% off of list

  • Flat: Pricing will be a flat amount regardless of item quantity.  Example: $120 flat labor

  • Each: Pricing will be a set price per item.  Example: $20 per kit

Pricing Rule Patterns

Pricing profiles are built using "patterns" and "rules".  The quoting engine will search from most specific to least specific rule when determining which rule to apply.  Consider the following example:

With the above rules, a customer searching for any vehicle using a DW01659 will be quoted $80 flat for the glass item.  Any other part beginning with DW would be quoted using a 55% discount off of list.  

The wildcard character (*) will act as a catch-all for any item that does not match any other rule.  

Uploading a CSV file

For large or more complicated pricing profiles it may be advantageous to create and manage the rules in a tool such as Microsoft Excel.  To import these files into Omega the files must be saved as a CSV file with the following characteristics:

  • String fields enclosed with double quotes (")

  • Fields delimited by a comma (,)

  • Rows separated by the newline character (\n) or carriage return (\r\n)

Rule types are given a numeric identifier as follows:

  • 1: Each

  • 2: Discount

  • 3: Flat

An example of a valid CSV file can be downloaded here.

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