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Usage & Troubleshooting
Usage & Troubleshooting
Written by Josh Schwermer
Updated over a week ago


The VIN decode tool is available under the "quote" screen.

Step 1: Enter License Plate* or VIN

Enter either the license plate and state or VIN.  The vehicle year, make, and model will automatically be populated.  Once the status message changes from "Loading OE Parts..." to "OE Parts loaded, ready to search" select the opening you would like to search and select the "Parts" tab to view results.

*License plate requires enrollment in QuickVIN Plus

Step 2: Select parts

VIN matched parts are highlighted in yellow and bolded.  Select the part(s) using the + icon on the left.  The system will display the appropriate hardware configuration options (eg mouldings, adhesive).  

If you need more information about a part, including the matched OE part number, select the "more" menu on the right side of the result.  


Year/make/model did does not populate automatically.

When a match cannot be found between our VIN database and the NAGS vehicle database you will be prompted to manually select the missing information.  Use the menus on the left to select the appropriate information.  We will still be able to provide OE part fitment data even if the year/make/model does not automatically populate.  

No yellow highlighted parts returned

While we have data available for over 85% of vehicles on the road, our database does not include every vehicle.  Please see our list of supported makes for more information.  

If the vehicle is contained in the list of supported makes, please be sure:

  • The search can take up to 60 seconds to complete.  Be sure the tool indicates OE parts have been loaded clicking "search".  

  • Verify the year, make, model, and body style are correct.

  • For new or low volume vehicles, it may be necessary to select the "Show Not Priced" option at the top of the parts results to view a match.  This option will display parts that have not yet been priced by NAGS.

  • If you still do not see any results, please use the blue chat bubble to report the VIN so that we can identify the issue for future queries. 

  • Often it is possible to narrow the choices down by using the OE part availability indicator:In this example, no OE option was available matching a FW03230GYNN for the specified year/make/model, therefore it can be disqualified as an appropriate OE replacement part.

Multiple parts were highlighted yellow

Occasionally you may receive multiple results for a vehicle.  

  • Check for notes or interchange parts using the details menu on the right hand side of the result - often the two matched parts have the same OE number or are interchangeable. 

  • If the system returns parts with conflicting options, (eg Rain Sensor and no Rain Sensor), the system was unable to narrow the results down to the specific VIN.  Please verify part options with the customer or the dealer in this scenario. 

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