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How to Schedule an Appointment
How to Schedule an Appointment

How to use the new appointment options

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

This article reviews the steps on how to set up all appointments types within Omega.

Go to the appointment section of the job and click the blue Create Appointment button. This will open the new appointment form.

Next select the type of Appointment.

There are four appointment types:

  • Mobile: Appointments that are not at your shop

  • In Shop: Appointments that will be at your location

  • Recalibration: Recalibration only appointments

  • Flat Glass/Misc: For Flat Glass and misc appointments (i.e. Tractors, Pre-1981 Vehicles, Farm vehicles)

Here are instructions on how create each type of Appointment.


  • Select the Requested Date field for the date of the appointment.

  • Then define the customer's availability window.

  • You can also select the technician, required skills for the job, or specific instructions for the job.

In Shop

  • Select the Schedule Time field and choose the date of the appointment.

  • This opens a window with a calendar view for that day. On this view you can drag and drop or click the appointment slot for the desired time and the Bay.

  • After assigning the time slot and bay for the appointment, click Done.


To schedule a recalibration appointment, select the Recalibration type. There is also check box that will exclude the appointment from capacity.

Flat Glass/Misc

To Schedule a Flat Glass/Misc. appointment, select the Flat Glass/Misc. type. There is also a check box that will exclude the appointment from capacity.

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