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Bulk Account Import
Bulk Account Import

Steps on how to perform a Bulk Account Import

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

This article will go over the steps on how to do an account import with a csv file.

To start, go to the accounts page under admin:

You will then select the plus button where there will be an option for New Account which will create an account manually and Batch Import, select the Batch Import option.

This takes you to a menu where there will be a section where you can either drag and drop the csv file or click and use your file explorer to upload the file.

Click next

The next page will show the details of the CSV and allow you to edit any errors that are highlighted red.

Unrecognized headers will appear at the top of the page, and allow you to change the header.

Click Next.

This will take you to the final page where you can review the final changes. Updated column headers will be at the end of the sheet where you’ll need to scroll to.

Select finish and the import will begin.

Note for an account import to be done, the user will need the proper security role option enabled. That can be done on the security roles page by an admin.

An example csv file can be found here:

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