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Sale Information Field Definitions
Sale Information Field Definitions

CSR, Dispatcher, Biller, and Sales Rep

Written by Caleb Fahrner
Updated over a week ago

This article goes over the Sales information fields and what they stand for.

CSR: This is the user who created the quote.

Dispatcher: This is the user who assigned a technician to the appointment OR set a scheduled time on the appointment.

Biller: This is the user who invoices the job.

Sales Rep: This field has a tiered based system of how it is assigned. The lowest tier is the Account Manager assigned to the account. The next tier is the Referral Account which is assigned in the “Agent/Referred by” field in the Billing and Pricing section. The highest tier is if that field is assigned to a user manually.

Location: This is the location assigned to the job and the default location that would appear for scheduled In Shop appointments.

Campaign: This is the campaign that is assigned. Campaigns are similar to promotional events that are being run. I.E. If the customer likes you on Facebook, they would get the facebook campaign assigned to them by a user.

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