What is a PID?

Explanation or Definition of the term PID.

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PID stands for "Parent Identification" and is used as a unique identifier for your business.

 Not to be confused with a Shop ID - which only identifies your shop; a PID identifies your primary business even if you have multiple shops. That is why it is called a “Parent” ID. 

A PID is also a requirement for EDI services with SGC Network and LYNX Services. This effectively allows Omega to send encrypted data to participating Third Party Administrators and receive responses from them. A PID allows Omega to:

  • Send Invoices Electronically

  • Received Invoice Acceptance Notifications

  • Receive Invoice Rejections and Explanation of Rejections

  • Receive Invoice Payment Updates

As a matter of clarification, you do not have to possess a PID to be able to work with insurance networks or use Omega EDI.  The only difference is that you will be able to receive payment more quickly and be notified of invoices statuses. Without a PID the only confirmation Omega can provide about invoice status is that the invoice was received by the insurance network after an invoice is submitted.

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