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How Do I Keep Track Of My Payments?
How Do I Keep Track Of My Payments?

Instructions on how to use the Transaction Manager feature

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When you receive payments from insurance carriers or insurance networks it is a best practice to record those payments in Omega.When this practice is applied you can easily identify which invoices you are still waiting to be paid on.This is easily achieved by using the Transaction Manager feature in Omega EDI.

The Transaction Manager is located in the bottom right hand corner of the Administration page:

Then all you have to do is Click Enter Payment:

Now you can quickly and easily enter which invoices you have been paid on. Record the date, payee and check number.Then just enter the invoice numbers located on your check stubs in the Invoice fields. 

Note that many TPAs will pay multiple invoices on one check.  You can also enter multiple invoices in one transaction as well.When you are finished entering your invoices from the stub click Save Payments.


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